What Are the First Page of Google and Why Should You Care?

The first page of Google results is often referred to as the “Goolge Rankings“. With the increase in competition and the vastness of the Internet, are on the first page of Google is becoming more difficult.

No matter how good you are at SEO, it’s hard to do as an individual. This is because there are too many factors involved in the search engine ranking process.

It can be so confusing, even for people who are experts in SEO. To begin with, there are two separate rankings that are used by Google.

The first one is called the Page Rank and the second one is called the Backlink. Each of these is a very complicated algorithm.

There are some SEO professionals that are extremely familiar with both of these rankings. But for the most part, just about every expert will just say that they don’t know what the Page Rank really is.

The reason why many of them are unable to comprehend why some sites get the first page ranks and others don’t is because they don’t fully understand how the Page Rank is used in the first place. They just assume that the Page Rank is the only thing that affects ranking.

While the Page Rank does affect a site’s ranking, the results are usually different from what a particular SEO firm does. Many SEO firms believe that there are various factors that go into determining the Page Rank, and that is the same approach that they use.

Even though most SEO firms are doing the same thing, they aren’t all the same. One SEO firm might focus on getting their clients on the first page of Google.

Another SEO firm might focus on helping their clients get on the first page of Yahoo. This might seem like a drastic difference, but it can help you achieve your online goals.

Having an SEO firm that focuses on optimizing your site for one search engine can greatly improve your chances of ranking high in that engine. The whole point of getting a high ranking is to be visible in a search engine.

In order to do this, you need to be visible in all of the major search engines. This means that you need to rank highly on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc.

Therefore, when you hire a firm that specializes in getting you higher in Google, Yahoo, etc., they are going to need to understand how to optimize your site for one search engine so that you can climb the rankings. An SEO firm that specializes in only getting you to the top of Google is going to have a hard time creating you top ranking in Yahoo or Ask. If your goal is to get to the 1st page of Google, you should consider using Add Marketing. At Add Marketing they offer a 1st page of Google service to help boost your website or blog to the 1st page of Google and other search engines.