Spotify Album Music Promotion

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Promote your album on Spotify worldwide and get more streams guaranteed


Are you looking to get your music heard on Spotify? If so you’re in the right place. If you have an album you can get the best promotion for your album today. With this service you get guaranteed promotion to help you get more plays for your music. With the album campaign we will promote 3 singles off your album (your choice) with a separate campaign for each one.

Our service isn’t like the other where you just pay to have some bot play your music and no one really hears it. With us you get a legit music marketing campaign for your album on Spotify.

This service is designed to help you gain more exposure and increase your fan base worldwide.

Our service includes:

  • Video promotion (if you have a video you supply the video. If not we create a sales video)
  • Media coverage (we create a press release about your music and promote it to media outlets)
  • Social media promotion (we promote your album on social media to help drive people to listen to your music on Spotify)
  • We create Ads to promote your music
  • We run a mobile campaign for your music
  • And much more…

With our service you receive a complete report to see all the work we accomplished along with the contents we created.

To get started you will need:

  • Your Spotify link
  • BIO
  • Images to create ads
  • Video (if you have them)
  • Music in MP3 format

This service is for real music promotion for your music on Spotify. Order today and get ready to get more exposure for your music worldwide.

The service will run for approximately 30 days. Once the service has completed we will send you your report.


9 reviews for Spotify Album Music Promotion

  1. Erica J

    This service is amazing. I got ads created along with a report showing me everything that was done. 5 Stars!!!!!

  2. Chris Benson

    If you want to get your album promoted at an affordable price this is for you.

  3. Lil Nas P

    Incredible results. Lovely to work with and I could not recommend enough! Will 100% use again. They’ve done wonders for my Spotify and I’m so so pleased. THANK YOU!!!

  4. Greg

    Great job, very easy to deal with and getting what we expected. Much appreciated for the Covid bonus as well! Highly recommend!

  5. Mark H

    Very useful to get your music heard. I think it is well worth the price. If you get it on sale that’s even better.

  6. Steve G

    If you want to get your music more streams and want real music promotion this is a service you should utilize. Very good in getting more streams.

  7. James Thomas

    Love it thank you so much. Thanks for the kind words about our album too!!

  8. Maria

    Incredible experience, did exactly what was promised and more. Extremely professional approach and I will with out a doubt be back.

  9. Sara

    This was very helpful for me. I just released my new album and this was my first time getting promotion. It was a very easy process and straight forward. I sent in some information they requested and they did the rest. I was very pleased as I received streams for all my songs and I also received a report showing the work that was done. It was a very pleasant experience all around and I would recommend this service for any artists who is looking to promote their album at an affordable cost.

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